When it comes to our customers, we think and act as their partners. However, we never lose sight of our responsibility to the small-scale farmers, the fishermen, or the consumer.

Responsibility has four dimensions for the BINCA Group


Quality is the foundation of everything. We understand the quality of our products and the importance of transparency. Quality is also our driving force when it comes to long-term partnerships. We are not interested in simply turning a quick profit, but rather in business models that generate sustainable success for all partners.


Fairness motivates us to cultivate partnerships with small-scale farmers for production. Of course, we also view the people of economically disadvantaged production regions as our partners and friends too, and we share the value that they generate with them. No matter where we are in the world, we always respect the local culture, hospitality, customs and traditions.


Sustainability inspires us to do everything we can to protect people, animals and the environment. Our first company, BINCA Seafoods GmbH, was founded in Munich in 1995 by Markus Ballauf and Peter Niedermeier, who are still managing the company today. Right from the beginning, the commitment to the sustainable economic use of the seafood resource and the development of ecological aquaculture as a business field was of great importance to both founders. Over the years, the company has achieved pioneer status in many areas, and continues to maintain its efforts to protect people, animals and the environment.


Engagement is our way of supporting worthy causes by giving something back from our success. The Children's House District 8, in Saigon, was founded in 1993. It is a home for up to 22 otherwise homeless boys who have lived and worked on the streets of Saigon. Together, with other Munich families, we are supporting this project.