Really get-to-know the product

What do Organic Shrimp taste like? What is the difference in flavor between treated and untreated shrimp? What is so special about the texture of extensive mangrove shrimp? Experience it all for yourself, through a tasting workshop that we have developed exclusively for our customers!

Really get to know your products

  • What do your customers want? Do they want entry-level or premium products?
  • What level of quality should your shrimp have?
  • Where do the products come from?
  • Are certifications important to your customers? If so, which ones?

When developing a new product there are often many questions, and the best way to answer them is to have experienced the product for yourself: the look, smell, feel, and taste.

Shrimp is available in a variety of different qualities. This doesn't necessarily mean that only one kind is good and that the rest are bad. We would like to show you the most important differences. That's why we have poured 20 years of our collective knowledge and experience into the development of our Shrimp Sampler Workshop for you.

The Binca Shrimp Sampler Box

Are you interested in our Shrimp Sampler Workshop? Then give us a call, and we will bring the workshop to you! Included with the workshop is our Shrimp Sampler Box, a unique tasting and training box with a variety of shrimp.

After our workshop, you will know everything there is to know about shrimp:

  • How they live
  • How they are farmed
  • Where they come from
  • How to recognize their freshness
  • How they differ when cooking
  • What treated and untreated means
  • The differences between intensive and extensive shrimp farming
  • What organic means for shrimp
  • And above all: How it tastes!