Toolkit System

One of today’s popular food trends is individualization - this applies to convenience products as well as raw materials. Our Binca Group Toolkit System is a modular system, comprised of four components. This allows us the flexibility to create individual solutions for fish and shrimp products that can be perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

Toolkit System - The modular system for individualized products

Component 1: Raw material Fish / shrimp

Our raw material is from wild-caught and aquaculture. For aquaculture products we offer organic and ASC certifications, and for wild-caught products we offer MSC certification. These fish and shrimp are traceable from "Farm to Fork" and from "Boat to Fork". In addition, we also offer conventional products.

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Component 2: Panade/Coating

Our breading, marinades and toppings are made with the consumer tastes in mind, and perfectly compliment the raw materials. The ingredients are transparent and adaptable to special dietary requirements like a gluten and lactose-free diet. Organic recipes are also possible. The origin of individual ingredients, such as the palm oil, is certified as well.

Component 3: Processing / Production

In component 3, our products are focused on different target groups, such as gastronomy system, to-go-concepts, communal catering and retail. The products can be either raw, pre-baked/fried or cooked. For each target group, we also have further innovative concepts such as high-end convenience, fish & chips, variations with vegetables, and stuffed fish and dough products.

Component 4: Packaging / Logistics

Your packaging is also in good hands with us, and can be adapted to the needs of your customers, such as optimal logistic sizes, traceability, QR codes, design, storytelling, and FAC material.